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The Benefits of Choosing BDS for Timber Windows and Staircases  

When you are planning to renovate or refurbish your Leeds property, there is no better way to turn your dream project into a reality than to have your interiors designed by a bespoke joinery contractor. Instead of buying ready-made, factory products, clients in the domestic, commercial and industrial sectors can benefit from a joinery manufacturer for premium, customised furnishings, including timber windows, fire doors and staircases, for practical and aesthetic advantages. Whatever your designs may be, a master designer and technician will ensure you get the perfect fit.

Advantages of Bespoke Joinery Services

Project Management

Specialist services provided by a joinery manufacturer will manage the entire renovation or refurbishment process, keeping clients updated every step of the way. From discussing initial ideas and drawing architectural designs for timber windows, flooring, staircases, fire doors, wardrobes and kitchen suites, to creating custom-made products and fitting them at your Leeds property.

Hassle-Free Fit-outs

Larger construction jobs which require a complete infrastructure can be managed by a joinery contractor, supplying a team who is experienced in first fix joinery (for primary installations, such as roofing, door frames and flooring) and second fix joinery (including fitting floor boards, fire doors, timber windows, staircases and fitted kitchens). This is ideal for brand-new builds, commercial fit-outs and shop fittings.

Maximise the Space

Unlike stock furniture, custom-made products from a joinery manufacturer will perfectly fit your Leeds property, without taking up valuable space. This allows clients to benefit from inventive storage solutions, which are functional and neat in appearance. Smart designs, such as kitchen fittings and shop fittings, will seamlessly integrate different features and appliances for an attractive and efficient space.

Added Property Value

If the purpose of your refurbishments is to better sell your Leeds property, such as adding bespoke timber windows, fire doors, staircases and fitted kitchens produced by joinery manufacturers, these enhancements will appeal to potential buyers. The premium work fulfilled by a respectable joinery contractor is a great investment to help increase the overall property value.

High-Quality Products

At BDS Joinery (Leeds) Ltd, we are a specialist joinery manufacturer, creating a wide-range of products from high-quality timber, meeting the standards of the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC), Programme for the Endorsement of Forest Certification (PEFC) and the EU Timber Regulations (EUTR). The timber windows, fire doors, door frames, staircases, wardrobes, counter tops, shelving and flooring that we design, cut and install provide superior fire protection and acoustic control.


Leeds homeowners and business owners can reduce their electricity and heating costs with an array of bespoke timber products fitted throughout their property by a joinery contractor. Timber offers exceptional insulation, plus made-to-measure timber windows and French doors with double-glazed panels, will allow more sunlight to illuminate and naturally heat up any room.

Amazing Aesthetics

Not only can a joinery contractor arrange for technicians to expertly fit entirely new interiors, they can match and blend new timber windows, cabinets and door sets with the original décor of your Leeds property. A joinery manufacturer is adept at adding unique patterns, finishes, paint work and accessories, such as ornate panelling for fire doors and spindles for staircases.

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